Vintage Lace Zipper-Up Short-Length A-Line High-Neck Bowknot Cocktail/Homecoming Dress


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Ram’s Head Dagger
India (likely Jaipur), Mughal, 18th or 19th century
Hilt: Gold, enameled and set with precious stones; kundan technique Blade: steel

Often tucked into a sash or horseman’s boot, daggers in Mughal India displayed the wealth and power of their owners. An intricately patterned ram’s head pommel adorns the hilt of this dagger, made in the kundan technique in which gems are set into malleable pure gold foil, allowing them to be arranged in any pattern or density over curved surfaces. In this dagger, pieces of quartz adorning the cross guard are surrounded by raised borders of gold which form the curved lines of a flower. The ram’s head is decorated with a floral scroll and is separated from the hilt grip by a quartz collar, also in the kundan method.

This dagger bears a striking resemblance to another dagger posted recently.


Fanart by rakeng.